Wear A Beard - Help Beat Bowel Cancer!

Beard Beanies™ are teaming up with Beating Bowel Cancer to help reaise awareness and much needed funds for the UK charity.

We’re calling on everyone to take part by getting sponsored: grow their own beard or, even better, get an authentic Beard Beanie™ and wear it with pride!

There are so many ways you can help raise money and awareness for Beating Bowel Cancer during Decembeard, whether you're old or young, man, woman or child. Get your mates involved, become 'Beard Buddys' and start the race for a prickly face!

Decembeard is for both men and women to get involved with, and the Ladies Team at Kendal Town FC didn't need much encouragement to don their Beard Beanies™ and show the guys who are leading the way when it comes to full-beard fun!

Steve Keable from Beard Beanies™:
"Decembeard is a great opportunity to raise money for the charity Beating Bowel Cancer.  The charity's aim is to raise awareness of bowel cancer and to try and increase the rate of early diagnosis.  What better way can we help the charity raise awareness than involve Beard Beanie. 

We are making a 10% donation from Beard Beanie™ sales as part of Decembeard but hopefully our fun product will create some attention. 

The great thing about beard beanie is that women can also 'get' a beard and therefore also contribute to Decembeard and raise money for a cause that affects both men and women."

If you want to get involved, visit for more information and fundraising ideas.

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